No matter how exciting it may seem, moving to a new city is also stressful. You need to find a job and a place to live—and it can be kind of hard to do one without the other. Then there’s the matter of making friends, learning the layout of the city, and filling up your free time with things other than reality TV and pints of ice cream…

And if you’re trying to make all of this happen from 30, 300, even 3,000 miles away—it can seem downright impossible.

Enter New To NYC , a kind of central clearinghouse for post-grads, young families, and early-career movers preparing to lay down some roots in a new city. Originally launched as a forum for people to exchange ideas and get answers to their burning questions about this crazy city, it soon became clear that people needed more than just an exchange of ideas—they needed concrete tools to help them find a place to live, get a job, learn about local events and businesses, and meet likeminded people. In response, New To NYC evolved into what it is today—one-stop shopping for smart people on the go.